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Faculty of environmental science and engineering
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The Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering was formerly known as the Department of Chemical Engineering, the Kunming Institute of Technology which was established in 1958.Its name has been changed several times and finally confirmed as the Department of EnvironmentalScience and Engineering in 1999.

The Faculty of Environmental Science and Engineering was awarded as "National Environmental Education Advanced Group" by the former National Education Committee, the National EnvironmentalProtection Agency in 1995. It was listed as the Core University of the China-Japan Urban Environment by The Ministry of Education in 2000 and became a key subject in Yunnan province in 2006. In 2007, the Environmental Engineering Major was approved to be national key (foster) subject. In 2009, the National Environmental Engineering Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center was established. It has one national first-class characteristic major, one engineering accreditation major, one characteristic major of Yunnan,one National University Teaching Masters Prizeone national teaching teama state-level courseand a provincial bilingual demonstration course.

The Faculty now has qualifications of environmental pollution improvement engineering design, environmental impact assessment, soil and water conservation programming, soil and water conservation monitoring and so on. It sets National Engineering Research Center for Solid Waste Recycling, Yunnan Industrial Waste Gas Purification and Resource Utilization Engineering Research Center, Yunnan   Industrial Waste Gas Purification and C1 Chemical Engineering Research Center and Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control in Yunnan Province. It has environmental science and engineering first-levelsubject doctoral station (consists of seven second-level subject doctorates), environmentalscience and engineering post-doctoral research center and environmental scienceand engineering master station. The faculty consists of three majors:environmental engineering, environmental science, renewable resource scienceand technology. Environmental engineering and environment science major haveunified as environment science and engineering major to recruit students since 2012.

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