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Vice-president Peng Jinhui Signed Cooperative Exchange Program with Vice-president of University of Huddersfield
Posterize Time: 2013-04-22 editor: 暂无

On the request of Kunming University of Science and Technology (KUST), Professor Andrew Ball, the Vice-president of University of Huddersfield, visited our university on October 8, 2008 with a three-member delegation. Vice-president Peng Jinhui met Professor Andrew Ball with relevant officials and professors, discussing the cooperative program between the two universities. The two parties signed cooperation agreement based on preceding discussion. Professor Andrew Ball also visited Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, giving lectures on topics of An Investigation of Acoustic Measurements in the Exhaust System for Diesel Engine Combustion Monitoring and A Simulation of the Torsional Vibration in a Medium Sized Diesel Engine for Condition Monitoring Purposes. University of Huddersfield always endeavors to promote mutual communication of the two parties and has successfully cooperated with Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the field of architecture.

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