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Investigation of the undergraduate teaching of our faculty.
Posterize Time: 2017-09-26 editor: 暂无

The leaders of the University Supervisionand Guidance Office, Prof. Ping He, Prof. Yi Li, and Prof Weiping Qin, conducteda survey of undergraduate teaching in our faculty on May 3rd.  The vice dean of our faculty Dehua Zhang, thehead of the department of Environmental Engineering Qingqing Guan, Zhanneng Dong from our Supervision and Guidance Office, and Siyan Chen from our Academic Affairs Office, took part in the investigation symposium. During the meeting,the University leaders gave full affirmation to our undergraduate teaching, andgave advice on the training of young teachers in our faculty. Prof. Yi Li was appointed the leader in charge of our faculty. In the end, the vice dean of ourfaculty accompanied the three leaders of the University Supervision andGuidance Office to visit our Wind Tunnel Laboratory.

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