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Prof. Jacob de Boer and Deirdre Dunne visited our faculty
Posterize Time: 2018-01-17 editor: 暂无

Prof. Jacob de Boer, theeditor-in-chief of Chemosphere and Deirdre Dunne, the senior publisher of Environmental Science & Health at Elsevier visited the Faculty of Environmental Science & Engineering on January 14th. Prof. Jacobde Boer made a speech entitled “Non-target and Suspect Screening of FlameRetardants and Other come in Indoor Dust”. Deirdre shared the experience on fast publishing. The meeting was chaired by Associate Prof. Yang LIU, facultysecretary for overseas affairs. Prof. Bo PAN, the Dean of the faculty attendedthe meeting. This event attracted many teachers and students of the faculty. At the meeting, the teachers and students had a very warm discussion with foreign experts and we all benefited a lot.

Prof. Dr. Jacob de Boer

Jacob de Boer is Professor in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology andhead of the Department of Environment & Health at the Vrije UniversiteitAmsterdam, The Netherlands. He obtained a PhD in analytical chemistry at theVrije Universiteit. His research group consists of ca. 20 environmentalchemists, toxicologists and epidemiologists, five technicians and 17 PhDstudents. Prof. De Boer has worked for many years on the environmentalcontamination of polychlorinated biphenyls, flame retardants, perfluorinatedcompounds and other contaminants. In 1998 he won the Excellent Scientist Awardof the Wageningen University. He is an advisor for UNEP, a member of the QUASIMEME Scientific Assessment Group and of the European Scientific AdvisoryPanel of the CEFIC Long Range Initiative. In 2013 he was appointed by theChinese government as National Expert for China under the 1000-talents plan. Hehas (co-)coordinated a number of European research projects, such as forexample the ENFIRO project on alternatives for brominated flame retardants andCleanSea, on microplastics in the marine environment, and many research projectsfor other international organisations and industries. He has published 200 peerreviewed articles and 20 book chapters. His H-index is 49 and he belongs to the1% most cited scientists in his field according to Thomson & Reuter, 2015.He is editor-in-chief of Chemosphere and member of the editorial board of theHandbook of Environmental Chemistry.

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